The CEO’s Message

The CEO’s Message

Tuesday 26 April 2022 marks the 14th anniversary of Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd, and I wanted to look back at the 14th years to highlight the progress the company has made. I am grateful and humbled by what we have achieved together and wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the company’s success and key areas of focus as we continue progressing in our exciting journey.

Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd today is among the champions of land development and construction in the country, region and international. Our esteemed customers recognize the differentiated value we deliver in terms of superior customer service, innovative and consumer centric solutions. They also acknowledge our contribution to the local society, regional and International industry. We value their trust and confidence in us, so we continue to execute with clear actions, our strong belief in providing satisfactory service and be the most reliable and trusted in the sector of land development and construction.

I would like to congratulate Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd employees, clients and stake holders on the company’s 14th Anniversary and for the prompt integration efforts. We grew at a much faster pace than the market. Together we can achieve our goals when we continue to work as formidable team. Our core values remain the guiding principles for everything we do.

It is imperative to highlight that since we commenced business 14 years ago, we have been able to operate in a professional and honest manner despite the challenges we faced. Our conduct saw our company dealing efficiently with a large number of clients without having any disputes. We enjoy a wonderful relationship with our clients and stakeholders. Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd has set some working standards and try by all means to operate within the framework of our standards. We do not compromise or cut corners in the event that someone has a huge proposed investment but does not conform to our world class standards. We try by all means humanly possible to embrace and maintain our world class standards. I would like to urge Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd employees to continue exercising professionalism and honesty during the execution of their duties. We need to closely guard the good reputation the company has built over the years.

We should all be grateful and motivated by our achievements and confidently look forward to a bright and exciting future. Working together as one team and maintaining a close relationship our customers we will make our goals achievable

Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd Background

Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd is a subsidiary of Craft Properties Holdings was duly registered on the 26th of April 2008. Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd started as a small organization and have grown over the years to be a very big reputable organization that has earned respect and recognition both locally and internationally. The secret behind the success of Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd is professionalism, honesty and hard work. As they say epic things start with small humble steps Professor Kudakawshe Taruberekera founded Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd as a very small entity and only specialised in real estate business. The company grew over the years and diversified to other areas of business like land development and construction. The excellent leadership of Professor K. Tarubekereka who is the overall Chief Executive Officer has managed to register regional and international real estate, land development and construction companies.

Our International companies have been affected in their operations by the Covid Pandemic but now as the pandemic has almost stabilised we now want to start working very hard to make the entities fully operational.
Locally Craft Properties Holdings (Pvt) Ltd has the following subsidiaries:

Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd
Craft Properties Land Development and Construction (Pvt) Ltd
Never Sleep Security Pvt Ltd.

The company’s vision is to expand to more countries in the region and abroad.

International Business Opportunity

Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd Zimbabwe is fully registered with the United Nations Head Office in United States of America as a supplier and service provider in its field of operation since 2019. It is registered with the United Nations to provide services worldwide. Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd’s has participated in various business meetings and seminars organized by the United Nations. The company’s good business acumen has seen it being invited to other business meetings organized by various organizations in the United States of America, France, Malaysia, United Kingdom and other countries too numerous to mention.

During the international business meetings the company utilized the opportunity to sell the good brand Zimbabwe and invited foreign investors to come to Zimbabwe to invest in business opportunities in sectors like Real Estate, Land Development and Construction, Mining, Energy,Agriculture, Tourism etc. Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd was privileged with being an elite member of the World Confederation of Businesses. This essentially means that Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd is now able to attend important business meetings, conferences, seminars, summits etc. across the world.


Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd is doing various housing projects in Zimbabwe. Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd’s objective is to provide decent and affordable shelter to the people of Zimbabwe. The company offers the following services; Roads and Storm Water Construction, Water and Sewer Nets Installation, General Building and Engineering Services, Project Management ,Bill of Quantities, Town Planning, Preparing Layout Plans, Building Construction (Brickwork, Plastering, Painting , Roofing, Tiling , Roof Leaks etc), Renovation, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Paving, Fencing, Water Proofing and Consulting.

A house is not a home without being properly crafted by the properties masters. Craft Properties is not only building houses in Zimbabwe but they are Engineering houses to the latest globally accepted standards. We live to translate your vision into reality.

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“To positively contribute to the economic development and empowerment of the people through the provision of value for money in land development and construction”

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“To become the leading and preferred land development and construction company through professional and effective service delivery”

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We are here to deliver value service to your individual and corporate needs efficiently.

CEO Profile

Kudakwashe Taruberekera

The Founder & CEO of Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd

April is a special month for Craft Properties mainly because that’s the month in which the founder Professor Kudakwashe Taruberekera was born and also the same month the company was founded. Prof K.Taruberekera is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Craft Properties Holdings. He was born in the 70s on the 14th of April in Chivi Masvingo. He went for his primary and secondary education in Chivi Masvingo. When he was doing his secondary education in Chivi that’s when he realised his entrepreneurship skills as he started doing small businesses like shoe repairing and fixing of watches etc. He would do all these things during the weekends when he was free after doing some school work especially Saturdays.

When he finished school he was employed in Mberengwa by a company that was one of the contractors who constructed Mundi-Mataga Dam in Mberengwa. He later on joined Deputy Sheriff and Messenger of Court under Ministry of Justice. He later on worked for security companies in Kadoma and the last security company he worked for he rose to the position of Operations Director.

He later on founded Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd in 2008 and the company expanded locally, regionally and internationally. He founded Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd in 2008 and the company expanded locally, regionally and internationally. Professor Taruberekera’s philosophy in business has always been honesty and professionalism. Professor Taruberekera worked very hard for the growth of the organization and along the way he received various recognition and local and international awards. Recently, he was awarded Title of Professorship in Business and Economy by Academic Union Oxford Council United Kingdom. The Academic Union Oxford Council is an International academic association of over 200 University Chancellors, scientist and Researchers. Professor Taruberekera’s background depicts a true story of humble beginnings as his work is now recognized worldwide resulting in him being invited to various seminars, business meetings and conferences in Europe, Asia, United States and Africa.

Leadership Style

Professor Kudakwashe Taruberekera believes in democratic leadership style that encourages the free exchange of ideas throughout his team. He values every member’s voice and he only acts as facilitator or spokesperson. Democratic leadership style relies on the participation of every member of the organization and emphasizes the value and expertise each member brings to the table. Every member of management shares the freedoms and responsibilities of leadership. However in times of crisis or emergency Professor Taruberekera is of the belief that successful leaders needs to switch to Autocratic leadership style to improve efficiency and productivity of the company. Autocratic leadership style speeds up the decision making process and create firm deadlines and have a very clear set of expectations. However, he switches back to his usual democratic leadership style for the day to day running of the business when the crisis or emergency situation is over.

Word of Advice

Cautionary Advice when Buying Land

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Prospective buyers are advised to take due diligence before buying a property because there has been many cases were people were duped of their hard earned money.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd works with the community in doing business and as such it feels obliged to fulfil its social corporate responsibility. The company values corporate social responsibility a lot and have been assisting the disabled and under privileged members of the society. The company also assists talented and underprivileged students by paying their fees among other donations the organizations does to various people within the community.

Contact Information

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