Project Management

Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd’s Head Office is in Kadoma, an urban settlement of approximately 141km from Zimbabwe’s Capital, Harare. The town is economically founded on mainly mining, agricultural activities and related agro-processing industrial activities. There activities take both formal and informal mould with the latter continuing to become significant, especially in the wake of worldwide economic regression. The current population is inadequately housed in formal housing structures hence causing overcrowding in existing housing stock. Two local authorities (Kadoma City and Sanyati RDC) have been struggling to create more residential stands to the ever expanding population to ease the existing and anticipated housing problems. To augment the local authorities’ plight in this direction, Government of Zimbabwe through Ministry of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development allocated Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd 60 hectares of land on Subdivision of Stand No. 1 of Subdivision A of Railway Farm 8, in Kadoma District, for High Density Housing Development. This piece of land is located 3km West of Rimuka Township, Kadoma. Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd will build 1442 two-roomed core houses on these 60 hectares of land

About our company

CRAFT PROPERTIES is fully registered in terms of the Companies Act (Chapter 24.03), and it is also a fully registered estate agency in terms of the Estate Agency Act (Chapter 27.17). The company’s operations are fully guided by the legal, ethical, corporate integrity and professional and business regulations, guidelines and provisions of the Estate Agents Act (Chapter 27.17) and the Estate Agents Council of Zimbabwe.

Address: 7 Warwick Road, Kadoma.

Phone: +263 (0) 68 26656  Mobile: +263242250743 (Harare Office)