Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd a registered estate agent company have once again been selected to attend the most prestigious Business Excellence Award in the world, THE BIZZ to be held on the 25th to 26th of July 2018 in the City of Miami Beach, Florida, United States of America. This ceremony is an interactive platform with investors across the world with interest to invest in Africa in different sectors of the economy. Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd will use this opportunity to raise the Zimbabwean flag high, meet investors who have particular interest to invest in Zimbabwe and market business opportunities available in our great nation of Zimbabwe. The delegates who will attend the ceremony in Florida will also proceed to Hong Kong in China from 13th to 14th of November 2018, which will be followed by a business trip to Austin Texas United States of America to attend the Solar Business Festival to be held from the 27th to 28th of November 2018 and thereafter to Amsterdam in Netherlands from the 13th to 14th of May 2019 as follow up business interactive meetings with international investors.

The Solar Business Festival in Austin Texas United States of America is an important event because Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd will be meeting potential investors who have great interest to invest in Zimbabwe in the field of harnessing solar energy by implementing solar system plants at a very large scale to meaningfully supplement our electricity supply in the country.


Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd in its zeal to assist the Government of Zimbabwe in marketing the brand Zimbabwe attended a business summit in Washington DC United States of America held from the 24th to 26th of June 2018 and also an award ceremony held in Paris, France held from the 30th of June 2018 to 01st of July 2018 where delegates worked tirelessly in marketing great business opportunities in our great nation of Zimbabwe. All the invitations the company have been receiving are as a result of the good work being done by the Government of Zimbabwe in attracting Foreign Direct Investment into the country.

About our company

CRAFT PROPERTIES is a subsidiary of Craft Properties Holdings duly registered in 2008. Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd started as a small organization in 2008 and have grown over the years to be a very big reputable organization that has earned respect and recognition both locally and internationally. The secret behind the success of Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd is professionalism, honesty and hard work. We are delighted to inform it’s valued clients and stakeholders that the organization has been able to expand and have various entities registered locally and internationally falling now under its holding company Craft Properties Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.

Kadoma Office: 7 Warwick Road, Kadoma, Zimbabwe

Harare Office: 86 Selous Avenue, Local Government House, Zimbabwe.

USA Office: Texas,United States of America.

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